Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Knock knock

Who's there....
Knock knock....
Anyways, sorry I have not answered my blog! I stink!! AND life has kinda been in the way! I lost my job! My DH has been in and out of work since Grace was in the hospital. So life has been harder than normal. (wow do you think??)

So do you ever get tired of the "time line" of your life? Every single moment is BG or AG. Before Grace we.... After Grace wee never... ya see what I mean? I am not sure how I ever kept track of when things happened in my life before her. I know I did. I had to of. I don't think I walked around like a blob of jelly fish goo and just went with it. I have never been the "just go with it" kinda girl. eh, who knows. Today the weather is beautiful and I feel like eating a good breakfast. An accomplishment of itself! I know that not much makes many of us laugh lately but I found something that will for sure. So those of you that pee your pants when you laugh too hard, go get a towel :)
Hope this at least makes you smile!