Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A person to admire

It's been strange lately. The blogs I have stumbled upon, the very very powerful women, the children gone too soon, the babies growing in mommies. I never realized how many people have lost children. I stumbled apon a blog and just loved this family. How absolutely adorable they were. As I went through the older posts I noticed that there was a very large piece of this family missing. Their daughter Reese had died. It is so sad to read of another heartbreak. I family torn apart yet brought together by tragedy. I admire her family unit and their determination to stay strong, together and faithful to Jesus Christ. Another family I admire is Vicoria's family. Snarkybelle has been so gracious to me. Supposrtive and kind even in her own heartbreak. What an amazing family she has! Again a very strong relationship with Jesus. Are you seeing a pattern here? I am. I have been praying. Reading, writing, praying some more. I will never really understand why our children. Why Grace? Why Reese? Victoria? Ashlyn? Why any of them?? That's where faith comes in right? I still have unanswered questions, is it normal? I think so. I miss my daughter. Now I miss her father. I really wish he believed in us like he used to. I know there is a bigger plan that I could ever inderstand. I do believe. I really want to be the woman that is strong and steadfast. Faithful and kind. Admired. I too struggle. I want to understand the unanswered questions. I think God has lead me to many many amazing women for a reason! For this I am grateful!!!


Snarky Belle said...

You are so sweet. I admire you. You have blessed my life, and I am thankful for you!
I agree with you, we all have unanswered questions. I trust one day we will understand. You are strong, steadfast, faithful and kind. I love you!

p.s. Also, you are an amazing photographer! I love your pictures!! :)

MammaWarrior said...

Thank you SB!!! Your kind words are such a blessing to me! Thank you..I love photography!! I will post more soon! I love you too!